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Deleted 223 days ago

Thanks a lot mate 😊

Hey I will be playing this live on twitch around 5-5:30 PM EST

I suppose that's around 5 hours later because right now it is 7 in the morning for me and midnight for you..

Great for a first game! A nice quick bite of horror with great sound design, decent buildup, and a compelling short story. I enjoyed my time playing this, great work!

Thanks a lot mate ☺️ stay tuned for my next bigger project 🙂

This game was really good for your first horror game! I liked the tension, and the part with the crying baby gave me chills. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!


Thanks a lot mate 😊 I have something really big coming out in a month or so...

I can't wait to check it out!

Amazing game, especially for it being your first horror game! Got me good, had great ambiance and gave me real chills. Keep up the amazing work!!! Left a follow and look forward to more projects in the future =) (video may take an hour upon post to be viewable)

Thank you so much 💗

This game is eerie in a way that you can't really put your finger on it.  You're scared but you're not sure why, I love it! (The 3rd game in my compilation go to 15:30 for gameplay start)

My channel is relatively new and I am closing in on 10,000 subscribers which I am hoping to get by the end of this year!  Feel free to check out my videos and if you feel so inclined throw some support my way.  I appreciate you!

Great gameplay 👍 great to hear you enjoyed it 👍

appreciate it and cant wait to see what you do next!

I thought this game was really well made, ESPECIALLY considering this was your first horror game, and it was made in just 24 hours. This game was fantastic, I can't wait to play your future games!

I really appreciate it 😊

great game, really enjoyed the atmosphere in this one it got me a couple times, half the time i didn't have a clue what was going on in till the build up of the reveal of why we are there, i thought that was brilliant great game! gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to live and hit that sub button

Glad you enjoyed it mate ☺️

This got me good quite a few times! I like that I'm kind of left trying to figure out what the story is! Such a good job! 

Thank you for your kind words 😊

You're welcome!

Really good job for your first game! I liked the story and the sounds. And the scare got me good! I enjoyed playing it! (: 

Glad you enjoyed it 👍

Helluva game...PERIOD (Game starts at 07:45 for anyone looking for just this gameplay in particular)

I'm not exactly sure why this game made wanna invest in adult diapers but somehow it did lol

You have great instincts for horror/atmosphere and I really hope you keep refining your craft. Impressed is an understatement

You sir have earned my follow and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us! 

Keep up the great work 

Stay Safe Stay Positive 

Much Love 


What an honest review 👍 I really appreciate it ☺️

Played at 08:43. Dark game! I enjoyed it, the massive faces were terrifying.

Check out my video.

Thank you a lot friend ☺️

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Very impressive for a first game, only had one suggestion which I think will help alot, since I think alot of people missed some of the story especially at the end! Otherwise very well done and look forward to seeing more from you!

What Did I Do?! - Alone In Hell 

Thanks a lot! 👍

why do people always post a video of themselves playing the game on It’s confusing cause I’m pretty sure the developer knows what the game looks like, and I wouldn’t really watch your video either cause then there’s no point in me coming to this site to download games in the first place. It looks like everyone is just trying to cash in on views at the expense of the developers comment section….and it’s on EVERY game. Am I missing something? Is there another reason? 

Yes, there is. Its the same reasons new and growing developers put games on Itchio and GameJolt. They can get feed back on what people think of the game, can get and see if there are bugs, and its FREE exposure for the game and the game developer. 

If you don't wanna watch, then so be it. But many others do. When a game is being played and uploaded by alot of people, the more people see it that might have not seen it. Plus it helps people find creators they might like, who might show them even MORE games. 

So look at it this way, it not just uploading a gameplay to itchio.. its then featuring that gameplay to others who follow you or watch your content from other games you have played. Hence the reason why you see it on every game. It content creators and devs working to promote and grow together. It doesn't just work one way. 

honestly really nice and simple game i loved it and made me jump on the first jumpscare with the masked guy and for your first horror game thats impressive really good work

Thank you mate glad you enjoyed it 👍

Really neat little game, great job :)


Thanks friend! Glad you enjoyed it 👍

For a first game, this is really good! Loved that you put time into a storyline, and the head was very spooky!

Time stamp in description!

Thank you mate for the kind words!

Good job for your first game! I really enjoyed the experience ! The game is second and starts at 6:33 


I really appreciate it 😊

Loved this one, looking forward to what you bring next :)


Thank you so much mate! Really appreciate your comments!

Good job! I like the sound effects in this game.

Glad you enjoyed it! Stick around until my next project!

Of course!

Thats was a great game i enjoyed it Good jop 

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

this was a really dope game. It kinda reminded me of scp-087 with the way the face was. But genuinely scared the crap out of me. I upload daily content like this so maybe subscribe.

Thanks a lot mate for the kind words! Stay tuned for my next more polished and large-scale project coming up!

Comments below clip;

I really loved the text appearing on floors and walls. It made it a much more dramatic experience. As the protagonist, we stumble onward from one puzzle to the next, or do we...?

Well done and kudos to all involved. Had a great time playing this game.

Mate, your words are kindly appreciated! Stay tuned for my next bigger project I am currently working in!

Very creepy game. Great work! 

Much appreciated mate! Stay tuned for my next horror game!

I liked it, pretty spooky and unsettling. Great job, especially for a first game.


Thank you so much, mate! Stay tuned for my next horror game!

Woah, the first couple minutes in and I'm already terrified! You did an amazing job on the game, it gives a really good atmosphere for new players! Amazing job, that's all I can say!

Thank you for your kind words mate! Stay tuned for my next bigger project 😉


Thank you mate 😌 even though this video isn't loading...

Loved it! VERY impressive for being your first game!

Thank you so much mate 😊 Stay tuned for my next bigger project 🙂

Short but not bad for being your first game. Made a video on it.


Thanks man!👍 I am working in a new bigger project now! Stay tuned for that!

The fact that nothing was fully explained is one of the strongest points of this, anything that leaves you with something to think about it always great! A really good first horror game! (This is the fourth game on the video)

Thank you man for the comment and the video! Stay tuned for my next bigger project!

Man, the game is good. Can I download the experience now

Thank you man really appreciate it 😊

Amazing game, scared me in the hallway. Erie sounds really helped with the atmosphere. Great job! 

Thank you mate! Make sure to stay tuned for my next bigger project ☺️

Bro this Game was incredible! Huge shout out to you.

Thanks man! I am working on a new 30+ minute horror game now! Stay tuned for it 👍

Cool man can’t wait to play it!

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Thank you mate glad you enjoyed it 👍


Thank you mate glad you enjoyed it 👍

Nice and creepy little game, well done.


Lovely gameplay 👍 I appreciate your support! Stay tuned for my next project!

What a creepy environment. Pretty good short game. I have played it on my channel.

Thank you for the support! Great gameplay 👍 Stay tuned for my next bigger project!

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90/100 VERY GOOD

Thank you mate for the review 👍 Stay tuned for my next bigger project!

This was pretty good for a short indie game. It had some creepy atmosphere, left me curious and lasted as long as it needed to.

Nice work!

Thanks mate for the support 😊 your gameplay was great! Next project will be even better and more atmospheric and probably 20-30 minutes+! Glad you enjoyed it 👍

Not bad for your second game. It showed a good evolution in terms of learning. I can't wait for your new project. congratulations man.

Much appreciated mate! Next project is going to be 20-30+ minutes definitely, now that I know I am capable! Hope you enjoyed 👍

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nice story creepy

Thanks mate ☺️ Love the support 😊

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