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i had a hard time reading parts of it. 

I understand your concerns and I have certainly improved now! Thank you!

thank for this game !

No! Thank YOU for playing it!

good mask

Thanks for playing!

Heyo Great experience!!! It was a very quick experience but I liked it a lot, very sad even more the ending that makes us rethink about life. For a game made in 24 hours this is very good, good job!

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

I really appreciate your playing my game!

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This game scared the absolute sh*t out of me. Well done!

Thanks for playing!

Nice and creepy ^-^ I love it

Thanks for playing!

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very nice game, mr belarus ;)

thanks a lot! check out my new game for a better experience!

game was pretty fun, also pretty good for one of your first games. id say if you tried to make another one you could use the claustrophobic environment as a tool for scares, like stuff at the end of a hallway or stuck in a room with a shadow kinda deal (Gameplay starts at 3:38)

Glad you liked it! I am already working on a bigger project so stay tuned for that!

for sure bro! maybe Ill play it for a video, that would be a good time

You're game helped me get to where I am today. Thank You!

No problem mate! I'm ecstatic to see that you have not given up and still uploading videos! Keep it up!

Thanks so much for the support it means a lot

Hey MrConqueror, I´m leaving my video here to also support you as you did by leaving me a comment! Nice game and I hope I get to play another one of yours soon~ Keep up the good work!

Oh, that's so sweet! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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This game was scary (especially that floating mask thing lol) but also very deep... anyways keep up the good work! (Gameplay starts at 13:58)

Thanks for the lovely comments! Glad you enjoyed 👍

its amazing that you made this game under  24hours i really like it and you just knew that you were guilty of something but without knowing it 

Well, I appreciate your comments!

A pretty cute and neat experience congrats on your first horror game im proud of you for it! 

Thanks for playing mate! Glad you enjoyed!

Well i wanna know what did i actually do

It's a mystery... and it's debatable...


so good :D


A great first game, it was a super smooth gameplay and very intuitive direction. Quite impressive for such a short dev time as well! 

Thanks  a lot mate stay tuned for more!

Well made & suspenseful game! The sound design in this was on point, definitely made me feel on edge a lot of the time 😅 nice work, looking forward to your future work! 


Really nice short experience.

Glad to hear you had a good time!


Short and Sweet just how I like em!


Glad you like em like that!

Kind of wished the game was a bit longer to get fully immersed with the story, but overall I enjoyed my time playing this game. If you would like to see me play it, here is a video (Alone In Hell starts at 00:10)


Glad you enjoyed it! Don't worry, my next game will be a 20-30+ minute-game!!

this game had a deeper meaning! once you discover the truth! you will be SHOCKED! over all good game! the writing had me confused for a sec ;--; and the floating faces were creepy as hell! good work! here is my game play of it :).

Thanks a lot, mate! Glad you enjoyed it!

This was really scary :D

Thanks man, glad to hear you got scared!

This game is truly horrifying.

Well, that is one way to put it! Thanks for playing!

Man Whats Wrong with these game dev yall be coming up with some creepy concepts 8/10 this was FIRE

It was okay. The prospects of being unable to piss and shit were truly horrifying. The graphics and sound design were good and it had pretty good atmosphere. The repeated messages of "why did you do this" and such were a bit excessive but overall it gave a pretty uncomfortable and grim vibe throughout. Good for a first horror game.

Thanks for your honest review! Glad you enjoyed it!

Creepy atmosphere and a story that kept me guessing. Kudos! I enjoyed it!


Appreciate it a lot!

Intriguing story with a very interesting twist and powerful message. Short yet very enjoyable.


Indeed! Thanks a lot!

This was a really interesting short game. Really makes you feel alone with no help. Great work keep it up! 

Really appreciate it! Stay tuned for more!

I don't think I've ever really felt sad after playing a short horror before hahaha and I don't think I very much like it! But the game I enjoyed, and I definitely appreciate the messaging at the end. Typically, you'd play the victim, or just the person experiencing some weird phenomenon. But at the end of this, I concluded that I must be a POS! The only thing I wish there were more of are some hard hitting spooks. Something to really knock you outta your chair!

Good Work!

Thanks a lot!

Interesting little game, for being your first horror game ever and being made in only 24 hours it was actually really good!

Thanks a lot my guy!

Aside from Contemp, this is my second favorite indie horror game. I can’t believe it was made in under 24 hours!? In comparison, Contemp was made in 9 weeks. I can’t imagine what the dev could put together in that amount of time. Looking forward to playing more games from this developer. 

Wow! Your praise is incredibly honest! Thanks a lot for playing and glad you enjoyed it 👍

Nice, quite unique style! I like it a lot!

Glad you liked it 😌

Great game, eerie atmosphere!

Thank you mate 😘 like a lot!


Thanks a lot my guy 😊

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS GAME WAS MADE IN 24 HOURS. I loved everything about this game. The sounds were on point and so were the jumpscares! This game is supposed to be 5 mins but it felt way longer than that. I really hope the developer continues to pursue horror games cause hes got skills~ Overall I highly recommend this game but if yall want to watch someone play it instead then come on to my channel! 

Wow! Very honest words there that I really appreciate 😊 30+ minute-horror game coming next!

really cool game:)

Thank you mate

This game made me feel like it was me who was in the wrong. Interesting and creepy feel throughout but it was a little hard to read the writing. Overall solid game!

Thanks for the support and feedback! Much appreciated 🤣

For such a short game it was really nice! I'll be looking forward to your future projects!

Thanks a lot mate 👍

Nice atmosphere, nice little story. Great job on your first horror game!

Oh... I really appreciate your support! Thank you!

This game gave me chills, nice work!


Thanks a lot man!

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