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Gameplay BR

Thanks for playing mate!

It's the second time I play, very good game.

Thanks a lot! Much obliged!

I am still not sure if I am truly awake... has the nightmare ended or has it only just begun?

Thanks for enjoying!

good game, I'm so scared now

Hope you have nightmares!    


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hahaha you're kidding right? by the way, thanks for the comment, dont forget to subscribe and share.

Honestly this is a good game

this one has a total vibe about it from the lighting and sound design, and has an entresting take on the never ending nightmare trope raven says 7/10 go check it out!

Thanks a lot for playing and rating!

thanks for the reply! let me know if you have anything else cool in the works and we can colab

this game was like a feaver dream lol ,yow i was great

Thanks for your comments and for playing the game!

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Thanks for playing!

Very eerie and spooky game you made here, thanks it was fun to play. A little hard to find the key sometimes but nothing too bad. Here's my playthrough with some other games - 

Thanks for playing!


Glad it creeped you out!


Thanks for playing and enjoying!!

this game made my head hurt tho again mrconqueror

Thanks man! Hope your head is alright!

Nice game dude

Thanks mate

I love this game!

Super happy that you loved it!

That was really good. The colors made it look so cool and the find the key thing? Nice done


Great to hear you liked it!



What a wild ride.  I have NO CLUE what happened, but it made for a good time!

Well, I hope you enjoyed!

Great game! It made me feel the anxiety and fear of an actual nightmare, well done!

Glad you enjoyed it 😊

A really good game!

I like the idea of this game, however I think it could have done well without the β€œjumpscares” and it should have focused more on the atmosphere and writing. Other than that it was a solid game! Nice work!


Thanks for playing and your comments! Other people have also told me the same, so this is an advice I will into good consideration!

creepy environment, imo i felt like there should have been more story added to explain the transitions we experienced. thats just just me, the jumpscares really got me. keep up the great work! 

game starts at 7:40


Thanks a lot for playing my friend!

I enjoyed this game very much so it could just be my taste but some of the jumpscares weren't needed in my opinion after awhile they weren't getting to me but the ones that did were on point this right here is a game I would 100% recommended

I also recorded myself playing it

Thanks for your comments! Glad you enjoyed it!

ok now this game is really cool I like the idea of the nightmare limbo effect and how the mystery of the kid and you wonder if you are the kid none the less I loved this 10/10 I would recommend It earned a spot in my 3 spine chilling games Wednesday video I played it first keep up the great work and I hope you enjoy!

Your words are a blessing to hear! Thanks for playing!

was absolutely fun!!! played with my friend because I'm too much of a baby but the game still got me. besides the ending, it was alright but i feel like it was a bit boring.

Thanks for your comments! With this information, my next game will have improved astronomically!

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I really enjoyed this game, it made me feel like I was trapped in a nightmare. The more the game progressed, the more intense the nightmare got.

Glad you had a fun!

keys  πŸ˜± 

lots of them!

Awesome game, it really felt like I was stuck in a bad dream! Looking forward to seeing what else you make :) have a good one! 

Glad you loved it! Thanks for playing!

Of course! :)

just love it. like fr. my fav game.

Wow.. i can't believe it! Super happy you loved it!

I have suffered from nightmare disorder (including PTSD related nightmares), nocturnal panic attacks, chronic sleep paralysis, and somniphobia most my life. So far the best 'nightmare simulator' I've seen ^-^

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That's an honour for my work! Thanks a lot!

nice game

Thanks πŸ‘

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Mr. Conqueror you did an amazing job with this game. I had so much fun play through this. The pacing is great and the scares got me every time lol. Thank you for this. Followed and I will check out your other stuff!

Super glad you liked it!

I had a really good time with this game!

Thanks a lot for playing 😊

No problem at all! 

I liked it a lot, I was sad for the boy and quite sick at times

Glad you liked it! Sorry to hear you were sick πŸ₯Ί

Very creepy.. took me a while to figure the upside down bit.

Great work, jumpscares got me good. Loved it!

Super happy you loved it!

Check out my full play through


Thanks for playing πŸ™

I really liked this one , very well made and you can tell it was made with care. By the way, if you give me the option to take every key, I WILL. 

I made a video on your game if you would like to give it a watch :)

Really liked your video! Thanks for playing!

Thank you !

super cool little game, very well made! super creepy 

Glad you enjoyed it 😊

I enjoyed this game quite a bit. it scared me a few times for sure. The game gets a little harder to navigate the longer you play and makes you feel disoriented which adds to the environments. The only thing I didn't like is you always had to find a key to move on to the next area. It started to feel repetitive and boring. I would of enjoyed seeing different tasks added into the game that the player has to complete to be able to move on. Other than that I enjoyed the concept very much. 

Thanks for playing and gor the feedback! Will not make the same mistake next time! Cheers 😊


Such a trippy game, but loved the feeling it gave me. Last game: 

Many thanks for playing πŸ™‚

It was very fun and trippy, loved the tension the sounds brought to it. Hope you continue to develop!

This game was absolutely phenomenal! I am truly at a loss for words. The atmosphere, and jump scares just wow...   


Wow! I am ecstatic that you loved it! Cheers mate 😊


So..many...jumscares and almost all of them got me..

Thanks for being scared!

Great game.  I love the dream in a dream and the way the world keeps getting crazier.  The way the dream world started to distort was so cool.  Well made and I look forward to seeing more from you :)

Thanks a lot for playing πŸ™‚

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