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Great game! I like it.

Glad you do!

This kids put through the ringer...

Nice game!

So happy you enjoyed!

This game is trippy 


Hope you liked it ☺️

Another job well done by my man MrConqueror

You have a good eye for making things unsettling and disorienting 

If i had one wish I hope to see you flesh out some of your ideas for monsters, bad guys, scary things etc...

But stay on your grind and keep refining your craft nothin but a bright future ahead if you stay on it

Earned my follow and I'm ecstatic to see what the future holds for you


Love You Guys

Stay Safe and Stay Positive

Wow, I truly really appreciate your words and advice! I will keep going with more things! Pleasure 😌

Awesome game! I missed a couple jumpscares by not looking the right direction lol, but other than that i had fun! You should like check out my playthrough :)

Thanks for playing! I'll make sure to check it out!

That was an interesting experience for sure. Really cool story too. I feel bad for that kid haha. Thanks for the fun!


Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed 👍

i couldent even speak or read properly.this game hit me hard ,ha ha ha.8/10 it has a glitch but it good.

thanks a lot for playing and enjoying!

Game got me good a couple times xD loved it and look forward to more from you!!!

Thanks a lot for playing!

Hi there! I enjoyed this game, and those jumpscares got me almost every time lol. I think it's a very interesting concept. Thanks for sharing!

I played this for my YouTube channel, if you'd like to check it out you can click the link here!

Glad you enjoyed it so much! I will make sure to check out your video on it!

I like the concept behind the game and the world becoming more and more twisted based on your heart beating as the fear envelops you. The only complaint is interacting with objects which you need most of the time to spam E to activate. Overall, great game.

Thanks my man! The E key isn't a problem, because everybody I have seen, you are the only one that has this problem. Idk if it's your keyboard or something but O hope it didn't ruin the experience

Don't worry, the experience wasn't ruined because of it

love the game scary jump scares 

Glad you got "scared!"


lots of keys

the red visions expanding following a decrepit cube of fetid existence, we journey to find the unconscious

humble darkened acquaintance with surrounding common walls and patterns, the simple mundane passage of our collections

reaping the repeated falling through dementia as thoughts creep undulations of rest and slumber a mind cannot take further stress

progression further advancements exploration to the chorus of languish we accept the end for damage

Wow! Em... Ok! Sure!

Nice game. You may have used the same jumpscare a few too many times xD

Glad you liked it!

Beautiful horror experience from beginning to end. I loved the atmosphere and that you kept the puzzles simple so the focus is on the horror, so it played like a horror movie. You used some really refreshing tricks in the game, with the disorientation and the changing text. I thought the colors were lovely which made the experience extra enjoyable(?). I thought for sure I'd have to look for a key on the ceiling though. Thanks for creating, had a great time :)

Extremely happy you liked it! Cheers!

Cool game here's a speedrun


Good job mate!

The game is great, a perfect show off of a nightmare and your skills as a developer. I would have picked a bit different jumpscares but yours were good. Also the game runs smoothly on 8 gb ram and 2.10 Ghz processor(AMD Ryzen 5 3500U)



Wow thanks for the honest and kind review ☺️ hope you enjoyed

Pretty cool game love the concept of using dreams/nightmares in games Keep it up 

Thanks a lot mate, I will👍

I really like the game! The only thing I had a slight issue with was that I kept missing seeing the jumpscares. I'm not sure if it was me just looking away too fast, or just happened to be in the wrong spot but sometimes I'd hear the noise, but miss out at what I was looking at. Still it was pretty surreal and trippy towards the end. It reminds me of when I was younger and had a nightmare where I would wake up from a dream, and just when I thought I was awake, I would wake up again. Like a dreamception, except it happened multiple times, kinda like in the game.


I am sorry you didn't see them, I hope it didn't ruin the experience! Your sincerity always brings happiness! Hope you enjoyed!

No worries, if anything it made me that more creeped out wondering what it was I had missed I really enjoyed the experience, so thank you again!

Great atmosphere! This was an intense experience and I loved how the intensity ramped up near the end of the game. Thanks for sharing!

Wow 🥺 So honest! Thanks a lot 😊

This was actually the most I've jumped in a short amount of time while playing a horror game. This was a really cool idea! I loved it. I loved the atmosphere too.

Wow, I am so happy you had a good time! Cheers mate!

Dude, the game looks good. I'll download it and play it!

Thanks and have fun 🙏

scary games cool

Glad you liked it!

Absolutely loved this, amazing atmosphere and truly creepy 9/10 

Wow, thank you for the support! So happy you loved it 🥰

Wowza. You naughty guy. Scared me. We are no longer friends, yet I still love you.

Thanks! We were never friends in the first place, I am sorry!

This was a lot of fun. I loved how the keys were placed, and the environments changes throughout the course of the game.

Great to hear you loved it! Cheers, mate!

such a cool fun game to play tbh the jump scares got me a little. Keep up the good work MrConqueror!!

I also made a video on it check out my channel down below

Wow, glad you enjoyed it! I will check the video out, sure!

Yo. So. Many. JUMPS. LOL. Absolutely loved the game.

Well, ecstatic to hear you enjoyed this so much! Have a good one!


Hope you enjoyed!

Really creepy game. Great job! 

Wow, I am so happy you liked it! Thank you!

Fun! Nice Idea! Made you a lil video: 

Great to hear it was fun!

< 3

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, the only thing which I didn't like are the jumpscares, aside that good work :)


I appreciate your honest comments! Jumpscares were more to connect the dtory and scenes and to show that the main character is frightened and going insane!

No-commentary playthrough:


Hope you enjoyed!

I did! Thanks and great work!

I love how it started out like a typical horror game but became self aware and started throwing everything upside down. Great game.

Wow, man thanks, it means a lot! Glad you had a good time!

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did that monster pull the plug after smacking me into a coma

but yes i liked the game

Glad you enjoyed it my man ☺️

i really like this game

Well, I am so happy you like it!

Awesome game! Had me on panic mode! 

Thanks mate 😌 glad you enjoyed it 😊

It's really cool! I'd love to see an alternate ending!

I thought the atmosphere was really good, the scares were pretty on point (Although maybe just a couple too many jump scares) and the story was intriguing! thank you so much for sharing your art! If you click on my thumbnail it'll take you to my video I did of the game! 

Well, its amazing to see your feedback and that you enjoyed it! I will make sure to watch it!

i really enjoyed this one! i felt like it was a little similar to alone in hell, but it was built on and had more story and the elements of this really were creepy and well done, honestly your games are just getting better and better well done! gameplay above if you enjoy please be sure to hit that sub button, thank you guys! 

Well, thanks a lot my guy! Best regards 👍

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Good game really scary


Glad you got scared :)

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